Company Overview

Chongqing Boli Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2017, Pet Union is an innovative and high-tech company specialized in developing and manufacturing pet care products.

We are committed to bring a “healthy and happy lifestyle” to pet families around the world with leading, professional and convenient pet care technology. At present, our business has covered 26 countries and served tens of millions of pet families.

Certification & Registration

Brand Introduction

Falling in love with tooth cleaning, it's that simple

iChew, a popular and professional oral care brand known for its innovative biotechnology, focuses on providing effective products, services as well as customized oral health solutions to pets in different life stages, lifestyles and physiques. iChew dog and cat treats perfectly combine effective teeth cleaning and chewing pleasure together, which promotes interactivity between humans and pets, makes thousands of pets enjoy a healthy and happy life.