Chicken Duck Chicken Liver Delicious Dog Snack Rib

healthy dog dental care snack


Dental parts help clean teeth and freshen breath

Meats enhance nutrition and palatability

Product Details:

Product Name  Meaty Snack Rib L
Features  Real chicken enhance nutrition and palatability. Rawhide-free,gluten free, grain free and sugar free. Good palatability and highly digestible.
Size & Weight  Length: 7.5*6.0cm, Weight: 38-40g
Colors & Flavors

 Red: duck flavor      
 Natural: chicken flavor

 Dark brown: chicken liver flavor


Chicken, Duck, Chicken Liver, Sweet Potato Flour,Pea Flour,Vegetable Glycerin,Calcium Carbonate,Potassium Sorbate

Analysis  Crude protein    (min)10.0%

 Crude fat           (min)1.0%

 Crude fiber        (min)3.5%

 Ash                    (min)5.0%

 Moisture            (max)15%

Feeding Guide
Weight Recommendations
3-5kg 30g/day
5-10kg 45-60g/day
10-20kg 60-80g/day
>20kg 80-120g/day
Shelf Life  18 months
Chicken Rib L

Real chicken, real duck, real chicken liver, natural flavored combination snacks delight dogs' taste buds.