100% Veggie Powerful Dental Dog Treats

Key Ingredient-Complex Teeth Cleaning Enzymes

Active ingredients


Complex Teeth Cleaning 


(1) Complex teeth cleaning enzymes can react with some components in dogs’ saliva, thereby 

provide more oxygen species. Specifically, the enzymes can react with thiocyanate from saliva 

and produce more oxygen species, increase the oxygen concentration in dog’s mouth, inhibit the 

growth of anaerobe, and prevent plaque and tartar buildup. 

(2) The peroxides produced by the complex teeth cleaning enzymes help to soften, dissolve and 

remove tartar from the teeth.

(3) Complex teeth cleaning enzymes can effectively degrade food residue to glucan, inhibit oral 

bacteria, and prevent dental caries.

Compound Phosphate

Dissolve tartar and inhibit tartar buildup.

Vegetable  Fiber

Vegetable fiber and flexible texture of the treats can effectively increase the friction between treats 

and teeth, remove the tartar mechanically.

Natural plant extracts (fruit acids, rosemary, chamomile)

Effective in improving bad breath, inhibiting oral bacteria and refreshing breath.

Mechanism and Effects

mechanism and effects

(1) The tartar removing ability of dog treats added with active ingredients is 4 times as good as the treats without active ingredients. 


 After 1 week of use

 After 2 weeks of use

 Without active ingredients



 Without complex enzymes 



 With complex enzymes & other active ingredients



(2) The dog treats added with complex enzymes have a significant effect in inhibiting anaerobe.


 Bacterial concentration (cfu/ml)

 Antibacterial rate

 Control sample



 With active ingredients




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